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“She is a sensational inspiration to our children!

The students were positively mesmerized and responded to her every call!”

-Ngozi Williams,
principal, Tree Of Life, CPS

Passionate, humorous, dramatic, and powerful, Ayanna Gregory follows in the footsteps of her father, Dick Gregory, using the arts as her tools to uplift, inspire and heal the human spirit. Her “I Dream A World” Motivational Performance Tour targets schools (K-12), cultural arts and community centers, churches, and organizations. Ayanna’s messages are timeless and universal.


A Griot Speaks

is a highly interactive storytelling workshop.  It is full of dramatic stories with empowering messages.  Woven in and out of the stories are colorful songs, call-and-response affirmations, drumming and dancing that everyone can participate in.  Magical, fun and inspiring, this workshop is perfect for all who are young at heart.  (Best suited for Elementary School students)


I Know I Can

is an interactive motivational workshop that is designed to inspire participants to discover and fulfill their highest potential. Through amazing stories and facts about the human spirit, high energy sing-alongs, call-and-response affirmations, and creative visualization, participants will be encouraged to express their individuality, find their purpose and let their passion propel their journey to personal, academic and collective greatness.  Most importantly, students will be challenged to use their greatness to make a difference on the planet.  “If it is to be, it is up to me” (Best suited for 3rd-12th graders)

Empowering the Goddess/

Cultivating the King

(Girls groups/Boys groups).  These are gender specific workshops that address the various issues that boys and girls respectively are faced with.  Participants will be challenged to redefine their standards of boyhood/manhood, and girlhood/womanhood based on universal principles such as: love, integrity, respect, honesty, leadership, and community.  Through personal stories, inspirational songs and affirmations, and intimate discussion, Ayanna helps participants take on issues around: self esteem and self-expression, body image and self-care, peer pressure, healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, life choices, problem solving, and conflict resolution. (Best suited for 6th-12th graders)

In addition to the above please feel free to inquire about THE POWER WITHIN, DAUGHTER OF THE STRUGGLE and EMPOWERING THE GODDESS (for adult audiences) and I am the Change/the Activist Within and Music is a Weapon (for audiences of all ages)

For booking and information, contact: bookingayanna@verizon.net